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Make Cooking Fun with Pellet and Charcoal Grills

Make your home the summer go-to for your friends and family with a new grill. Enjoy the smell of barbecue on a beautiful day when you use outdoor grilling items from Wyoming Woodstove and Decorating Center. Located in Laramie, Wyoming, we have an array of pellet and charcoal grills for your backyard.

Backyard Cooking

Our high-quality pellet, wood, and gas grills and stoves are sure to fire up delicious meals for you and your family, time and time again. We feature only reputable brands, such as Green Mountain™ and Black Olive™. We also carry natural-flavored pellets, hardwood pellets, various rubs, and savory sauces to go with your new grill.

Stay Warm During Winter

Look forward to wintertime when you have a beautiful fireplace inside your residence. A great addition to any Wyoming household, a fireplace keeps the family happy at home during the coldest months of the year.

Contact us to turn up the heat with our large selection of grills.

Food on Grill